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Set up your Medication schedule

StrivePD makes it easy to set up your medication schedule, and will send you reminders to help you stay on track. It will also adjust your schedule when you get off track. StrivePD includes a built-in list of the most common Parkinson’s medications and supplements. And if your medication or supplement isn’t on our list yet, you can easily add it for tracking.


  • Tap on Settings, and then Medication schedule. Search or select your medication or supplement from the list, then tap on “Add an item.”
  • On the next screen, select a dosage, or add your custom dosage. Or skip dosage.
  • On the next screen, select the number of pills, or skip this option.
  • Next, on the following screen, select how often you take your medication.
  • And finally, select the times of day you’ll be taking it.
  • If you wish to set up reminders, select the timing and frequency of the reminders on the next screen, then click on NEXT. You’ll see a summary of your medications, and an option to (+) add a new medication at the bottom of the screen.

Quick-log your meds

On the My Day screen, tap on “Next Medication” then tap on the blue “Log this” to log your current dose.

Log from Notifications

Tap on your notification, then “Log now.”

Manually log a medication

On the My Day screen, tap “Log an item” or the microphone. To manually log a medication–perhaps you skipped one earlier today or yesterday, search or select a medication. Select time. For a specific time, select “add custom time.” At the top of the next screen, choose Today or Yesterday, and the desired time.

Adjust, edit and delete medications

All medication entries from today and yesterday can be edited or deleted. After two days, entries appear in the Insights section, and can no longer be changed.


To edit a Medication or supplement from My Day, tap on the entry. You can delete the entry by tapping on the trash bin, or you can select “Time” to change when you took the medication. You also have the option of changing the dosage or number of pills. Tap on “Update” to save your changes. To adjust a Medication or supplement from your Medication schedule, go to Settings > Medication schedule. Tap on the entry you wish to edit. You can delete the entry by tapping on the trash bin, or you can edit the dosage, pills or times here. You can also select “Auto-log” to bypass manual logging. And, if you stop taking a medication or supplement for a period of time, you can choose to make it inactive by moving the slider to the left to “Inactive.”

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