User Guide

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StrivePD is designed to help you optimize your care by providing Reports and Insights from the information you log.

To get the most out of StrivePD, it’s important to make StrivePD part of your daily routine and log everything relevant to your care, including Medication & Supplements, Symptoms & Side Effects and Influences (such as Diet, Sleep and Activity).


  • At the top of your screen, tap on the Insights tab. After three days of logging, the Insights section displays your Notes, Medication adherence, and changes in symptoms and side effects logged.
  • Tap on “Logged” to view everything you logged over the past 7 days.
  • Just below this selection, you can filter your data by type. Just tap on any of the four selections: Medication or supplement, influence, Side effect or symptom, or OFF period. You can change the date range from 7 days, to 14 or 30 days, or 6 or 12 months.

StrivePD Reports

In addition to viewing reports in the StrivePD Mobile App, you can also receive Reports by email.


When you tap on “Share” you can email a PDF version of the report to yourself, a family member, doctor or caregiver.