Clinician dashboard

A new tool supporting movement disorder specialists & neurologists in their clinical practice

  • Currently, movement disorder specialists and neurologists do not have access to high quality data on patients’ symptoms and brain activity
  • Patients have to remember the details of their on and off phases with Parkinson’s
  • The clinician dashboard provides summaries of symptoms, medication use, and brain signals (from the DBS Percept implant)
  • The platform enhances the patient-clinician dialogue while integrating brain sensing data into care paradigm

Better understand the efficacy of treatment for your patients

Understand patterns within and across patients that may help them better optimize:

  • Medications / correlations
  • Stimulation adjustments
  • Understanding of local field potentials (LFP)
  • Symptoms
  • Accounting for the influence of external factors (meals, exercise, etc.) on outcomes

Patient data collected

DBS device


Brain signals from Medtronic’s Percept Deep Brain Stimulation Device (if applicable)

HealthKit on iWatch

Apple Healthkit Data

Sleep, mobility, gait, and heart rate variation

Strive Watch apps

Apple Movement Disorder Kit Data

Objective tremor and dyskinesia (FDA-cleared) 

Strive watch app

Patient Self-Reported Data

Medication schedule and adherence, self reported symptoms from StrivePD app

Strive Clinician dashboard app


PD disease history and clinical scores, medications

Access to valuable brain data through different views

Launch the dashboard during patient visits and better understand your patient’s disease journey

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