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User Guide FAQs

What if I take 2 different strengths of the same medication?

You can set up more than one strength of the same medication in your schedule. For example, enter Rytary as your medication, then add your dosage, number of pills, and the times you take them. To add a second dosage, tap “+Add item” in the top right of your screen, type in Rytary2, and continue to add your dosage, number of pills, and scheduled times.

On occasion, I take pain relievers for headaches. How do I track them?

To add a medication that you take on an as-needed basis, enter your medication, select your dosage and number of pills (optional), then select “As needed” instead of “Days of the week.”

Why does my medication adherence show less than 100% when I’ve taken all of my scheduled medications?

Typically, if your medication adherence shows less than 100% but you’ve taken all your meds, it means that you took some of your medications more than 30 minutes off schedule, without adjusting your schedule for that day.

Where can I see what I’ve logged and recorded?

Your complete history of logged items is saved and viewable in the Insights > Logged section. You can see what you’ve logged as far back as 12 months. If you have an Apple Watch connected, you can see the info collected in the same section.

How do I print a PDF report so I could bring it to my doctor’s appointment?

To print a PDF report, you first need to select a date range, and email the report to yourself to be able to print it out. See the Insights & Reports section in the User Guide of this website.