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StrivePD: Empowering Parkinson's Patients with Personalized Insights

In the realm of health tech, StrivePD is revolutionizing the lives of individuals with Parkinson’s - a powerful app and companion tool redefining personalized care and symptom management.

In this article, we dive into the latest StrivePD updates launched in July 2023, fostering a new era of patient-centric healthcare. These product updates enable users to access a comprehensive analysis of their tremor and dyskinesia data empowering them to take control of their Parkinson’s management. Similar to how a closed-loop continuous glucose monitor has transformed diabetes care, StrivePD transforms Parkinson's disease management. By wearing the watch consistently, patients can have meaningful conversations with their clinicians and develop personalized care strategies. Just as a continuous glucose monitor provides individuals with instant feedback on their glucose levels, StrivePD offers tremor and dyskinesia, both of which are FDA cleared measures. Users can have real-time data at their fingertips. Read the full article here:


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