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My PD Story: StrivePD and Rock Steady Boxing

“I’ve been using StrivePD for about six months, and what I love about StrivePD is I can use the app to help track my symptoms, physical activity, and medications. It is amazing that all my data is just passively collected. All I need to do is make sure I have my Watch on my wrist and I’m good to go… Like most patients, having PD terrifies me. But if there is some way we can slow down progression, or maybe even reverse some of the movement problems, that’s a huge win in my book. Both RSB and StrivePD are empowering me to manage PD.”

Hear from StrivePD user and Rock Steady Boxer, David Zanghi, on how he has been using StrivePD and attending  RSB classes to help manage his disease. Read the full story here:


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