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My PD Story: Steven Ink

"While Parkinson’s remains a struggle, StrivePD has helped me realize the importance of exercise and how it dramatically reduces my mobility issues. It motivates me to stretch, lift weights, complete core workouts and visit my physical therapist twice a week. Exercise has dramatically reduced my symptoms and helps me control them." StrivePD user, Steven Ink, talks about his journey with PD and how he has been managing his Parkinson’s using StrivePD.The blog post was featured on the Parkinson’s Foundation’s PD stories and home page.

This story is extra special because it brings our precision medicine for neurology mission full circle, showcasing not only the positive impact of our StrivePD software for people with Parkinson’s but a special connection within our very own team. Steven Ink’s son is a talented engineer on our team working on StrivePD, acting as an inspiring force in quest to deliver the best care possible. Read Steven Ink's personal story on Parkinson's Foundation here:


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