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Fixing the System: How StrivePD Shifts the Burden of Care off People with Parkinson’s and Empowers Clinicians to Improve Care

Rune Labs, provider of StrivePD, is committed to improving the lives of those with Parkinson’s disease and other neurodegenerative conditions – but what would that look like in the real world? We sat down with Amanda Hare, Rune Labs’ Medical Science Liaison and a nurse practitioner, to learn more about the relationship between people with Parkinson’s and their clinicians, the problems with care today, and how a tool like StrivePD could change things for the better.  

The interview covers information about her background and how she ended up at Rune Labs, what makes it so difficult to give proper care to people with Parkinson’s disease, problems and inefficiencies noticed with how medications were prescribed and titrated, how StrivePD can improve how doctors prescribe and switch medications, and how DBS devices can benefit from incorporating StrivePD into their care.  

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