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Empowering PwPD: The StrivePD and LSVT Global Partnership

Living with Parkinson's disease presents daily challenges, and finding effective ways to manage symptoms is crucial for enhancing the quality of life for individuals affected. Today we announce the partnership between StrivePD and LSVT Global. We have joined forces with a shared mission – to empower people with Parkinson’s through the combined power of personalized insights and exercise.

Understanding Parkinson's with StrivePD:

At the forefront of this alliance is StrivePD, a free iOS disease management application, FDA-cleared on the Apple Watch. This innovative Parkinson’s app passively collects daily resting tremor and dyskinesia data through Apple's Movement Disorder API, providing users with valuable insights into their symptoms.

With StrivePD, individuals can effortlessly record their symptoms, track patterns over time, and gain a better understanding of the factors influencing their condition, such as medications, diet, and exercise. The app serves as a comprehensive companion tool that not only automatically records symptoms but also encourages users to engage in healthy activities, promoting a proactive approach to Parkinson's management.

StrivePD delivers real-time objective feedback on tremor and dyskinesia, recorded by the Apple Watch. Similar to a closed-loop continuous glucose monitor for diabetes, StrivePD transforms Parkinson's disease management. This data can be shared with care teams and clinicians, including fitness coaches and physical therapists, fostering better communication and more personalized treatment strategies.

The app's interactive charts also allow users to track symptoms over time, providing a deeper understanding of how medications and physical activity impact their well-being. Users can keep a log of their physical activity or therapy, including their LSVT BIG® therapy or home practice sessions, fostering motivation to stay active.

StrivePD and LSVT Global Integration:

This partnership includes new enhancements within the StrivePD application including in-app LSVT BIG integrations that allows users to track their symptoms in between and during sessions. Mobility metrics with symptom and medication data will help clinicians and people with Parkinson’s further understand how their LSVT BIG treatment sessions are impacting disease progression. The goal is to provide a more comprehensive picture of Parkinson's disease, enabling both people with Parkinson’s and clinicians to make informed decisions.

Empowering Through Education:

StrivePD goes beyond symptom tracking; it serves as an educational resource, helping users learn more about Parkinson's disease and its various manifestations. By understanding motor symptoms like tremors, slowed movement, stiffness, and balance issues, individuals can better articulate their experiences to their care teams. Clinicians will then be able to tailor interventions, for example, LSVT BIG physical and occupational therapy sessions, and use not only data but their own expertise to make the most impact on one’s quality of life. 

Real Stories, Real Impact: 

StrivePD has played a significant role in transforming people with Parkinson’s approach to their disease management. One user shared, “LSVT BIG was a game changer for me. Good to see in numbers [on StrivePD] in what I felt in my body.” Users are able to communicate with clinicians not only verbally, but through data as well. 

“Like most patients, having PD terrifies me. But if there is some way we can slow down progression or maybe even reverse some movement problems, that’s a huge win in my book…StrivePD is empowering me to manage my PD,” said a StrivePD user. Being able to log physical therapy, occupational therapy and exercise sessions allows users to comprehend how they are progressing and the impact it’s having on their movement. One user emphasized the app’s impact on exercise and symptom control, stating, “While Parkinson’s remains a struggle, StrivePD has helped me realize the importance of exercise and how it dramatically reduces my mobility issues.” 

With LSVT BIG, that is the goal. Together, we want to improve balance, mobility and challenging areas for people with Parkinson’s through the power of movement and tailored exercise. StrivePD + LSVT BIG provides people with Parkinson’s to be in control.  

Join the Movement with StrivePD:

If you're living with Parkinson's, StrivePD is here to be your everyday companion on your care journey. Track your progress, LSVT BIG therapy and home exercise sessions and other physical activity, and see the impacts it has on your symptoms.  Download the app from the Apple App Store or visit StrivePD for more details. 

This collaboration marks a significant step forward in personalized Parkinson's care. By combining data-driven insights with the power of exercise, individuals with Parkinson's now have a powerful ally in managing their symptoms and improving their overall well-being. StrivePD empowers users to take control of their care journey, fostering a sense of autonomy and resilience in the face of Parkinson's disease.

About StrivePD:

StrivePD is the next generation of Parkinson’s care. 

StrivePD is a free iOS disease management application — FDA-cleared on the Apple Watch — that passively collects tremor and dyskinesia data via Apple’s Movement Disorder API. Explore interactive charts to track your symptoms over time and understand how medications and physical activity impact you. Gain insights to guide your care journey, sharing data with your clinical specialists and RSB coach for a personalized strategy. Download the StrivePD app on the Apple App Store today. 

About LSVT Global

To learn more about LSVT BIG physical and occupational therapy for Parkinson’s or to find an LSVT BIG Certified Clinician in your area, visit LSVT Global.


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