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Strive to live well with Parkinson's Disease.

StrivePD is a mobile and voice app designed with and for people with Parkinson's who strive to live fully.

Start logging.

Whether by voice or manually, logging your activity is simple and quick using the StrivePD mobile app and Alexa skill.

Learn from insights about you.

Regular logging generates insights unique to each user, showing patients and caregivers how modifications in personal routines can improve overall well being.

"Last month, your medication adherence was 96%, and your top three symptoms were reduced."

Never miss
a medication.

StrivePD reminds you to take your medications, and when your routine changes, it offers to adjust your medication schedule accordingly.

Share with your
care team.

Printable monthly reports include top insights, medication summaries, and a record of all logged items. Email reports to your doctors, family members, and care givers.


Janet's July insight Report is now available to view.

"This is fantastic. I've never seen anything like this. This is a powerful tool for managing the complexities of living with PD."
Diagnosed 8 years ago

Designed and tested by
People with Parkinson’s.

The concept for StrivePD grew out of personal experience. Cofounder Aura Oslapas has been living with PD for six years. Being highly sensitive to medications, she began to experience side effects early on, and found existing tools cumbersome and inadequate, or geared towards observational studies. Conversations with fellow PWPs and Movement Disorder Specialists confirmed her suspicion that many others could benefit from a better way to manage and learn from the interplay of symptoms, medications, side effects and other influences.

This inspired her to create a patient-centric app that would make logging and tracking easy, and could generate personal insights that could also be shared with doctors, family, and other care givers.

Knowledge is empowering. Self-empowerment keeps us striving.